About Jenny Wren

jenny wren miniature friends:

Jenny Wren miniature animals are hand-crafted, with a fine attention to detail. Lovingly sculpted and painted, a sense of whimsy and realism is captured in each tiny creation.

Every creature is made in 1:12 scale and is suitable for dollhouse interiors and gardens, or simply as a unique addition to any miniature collection.


about me:

Ever since I was small, I've been drawn to tiny things – imagining and creating miniature worlds, populated by little creatures.

With a love of diorama making and dollhouse furnishings, my style has been inspired by these tiny worlds. Today, I continue to be an avid collector of all things small – a love of which has carried on with me since childhood.

In 2003, I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University, where I studied drawing, painting, and photography. Today, I live in Toronto, and continue to work on bringing all of my little ideas to life!