photos of the friends - flocked retro animal toys, 1:12 scale

retro toys!  

retry toys (group shot), in a dollhouse setting

Add some flare to your dollhouse children's room, library, attic, or any place that could use a little fun, nostalgic feeling!

These super-cute stuffed toy replicas have a retro feel, and were modelled after vintage plush animals of the 50's and 60's. Adopt one today!

polka elephant, flocked with polka-dots

polka elephant

steiffy duck, modelled after german steiff toys

steiffy duck

friendly octo, cute octopus in dollhouse setting

friendly octo

crabby crab, plaid patterned flocked crab

crabby crab

pinky poodle, cute vintage poodle

pinky poodle

mrs. barkley giraffe

mrs. barkley giraffe

precious lambie, vintage-style lamb

precious lambie